Success/Redirect URL for SubscriptionAPI or Subscription Option for Checkout API

I am setting up a membership for my website. There is a single subscription option for a monthly payment. I am trying to figure out how to confirm a successful subscription once the member has paid.

The Checkout API
From what I can see there is no option to add a monthly subscription as a line-item. If there is, this would be the quickest way for me to address my problem.

The Subscription API
From what I can see there is no success/redirect URL similar to that provided in the Checkout API. This would also be helpful if it’s available.

Any help would be appreciated.


:wave: You are correct, at this time subscribing to a subscription with the Checkout API isn’t currently available. Although, with the Subscriptions API you will get a response from the API when a customer has successfully subscribed. Once you get the successful response you can then redirect your customer to the next page in your checkout flow. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Bryan.

The problem arises when it’s a user that does not have a credit card on file, and is sent an invoice through the Square system. I don’t see how I can record a successful response at that point.

Have you looked a subscribing to Invoices webhooks to be notified when a payment is made for one of the subscription invoices? :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks like that’s where I’ll be looking! Thanks.