Subtotals within amounts using the Payments API

Can anyone suggest a clever way to get the Square dashboard to subtotal certain amounts within the amount field of payments run via the Payments API?

Here’s an example…

We run a payment for $109.38 and would like to know that $9.38 is sales tax. We know we can do this with the Orders API, but it’s overkill for most of what we need. Some ideas used currently: we add a string into the description (e.g., Tax-CA: 9.38), and filter transactions in the dashboard to just these transactions. Knowing the tax rate, we can get the subtotal. Or if this string were to identify something for which subtotaling is not by a constant rate, we can use the strings in the description to either 1) total by hand, or 2) export transactions into a spreadsheet to total.

I was wondering if there might be some other means between the Payments API and dashboard reporting by which we could get just a few subtotals, again without needing to dip into the itemization, and additional overhead, of calling the Orders API.

Ideally, we’re looking for a total of those sub-amounts, based on the filtering that was performed, which we are able to view somewhere in the dashboard.

Thank you!

:wave: Have you seen our new GraphQL if you’re looking to get specific fields of an order? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I saw GraphQL, but looks like it works with Orders (and others), but not Payments. May be useful to us in the future, but for now seeing if there’s something we can do with the combo of what I mentioned plus filtering already provided in the dashboard, which is nice, if there’s something I’ve missed that could generate a subtotal there. Thank you for the reply!

Currently there isn’t any other way to get the information without using the Orders and Payments APIs. Also the reports that are generated on the Dashboard are generated using our APIs. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the reply. I completely understand between Orders and Payments, but was hoping for something creative between one of the Payments API fields and some way that filtering of transactions on the dashboard already generated totals (using existing APIs, as you mentioned). I will post again if I discover anything. Thank you again.