Subscription transactions with no customer attached

I have some payments that I took using the python SDK, and they had no customer attached. I subsequently (within 24 hours) attached a customer to these payments and used them to create a saved credit card.

A few months later, I created a subscription for these customers with the save credit card.

When the monthly subscription payments occur, they have no customer attached to them (or sometimes an Unknown customer). When I look at these transactions in the dashboard, I can see they’re part of a subscription that has a customer and that invoices have a customer, so why don’t the transactions/payments? Is there any way to get the customer attached to these payments going forward?

Without the customer attached, it’s proving difficult to line up payments for accounting and tax purposes.

Do you have an example subscription_id that we can take a look at? Also what’s your application ID. :slightly_smiling_face:

subscripton_id: d4a65cd8-8e4c-4f5b-b343-cbfc4b3af971
app_id: sq0idp-W4L2UyexxkpIR-IX2X1NYg

The team is looking into this. :slightly_smiling_face: