Subscription API Questions

Hey Team!

Just had a few questions in regard to the subscription API

  • For failed payments is there a way to set up an automatic rebilling attempt, and if not does the next payment also attempt to take out any overdue amount?

  • The subscription list on the customer dashboard is very unwieldy with large amounts of subscriptions (1k+) with there being no way to filter by start date, billing date, overdue/active etc. I thought I would build one myself on the app end but the search API only lets me search via a specific ID or location. Am I missing something?

*If we manually charge a client by an amount equal to their outstanding invoice, does this make their account not overdue or does that payment need to be tied to the specific invoiced. Also say they have 2 overdue invoices, do we need to charge both amounts separately or just the total amount.

Looking forward to your response and thanks in advance!


At this time the ability to configure a re billing attempt isn’t currently available. At the next scheduled payment the over due amount will be added to the current amount due.

That’s correct, at this time SearchInvoices only allows you to query on source_names, location_ids, and customer_ids.

Lastly, any payment taken outside of the invoice won’t change the outstanding amount. The customer will need to pay through the generated invoices. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can we attempt to charge their overdue invoice via their card on file with the API?

Also in regards to the subscription list, do you recommend us to build our own one instead of using the current square one?

At this time there isn’t a way to pay a subscription invoice using the API with a card on file.

As for the subscription list it really comes down to what fits your business need. If you find the Square one lacking you can definitely use the APIs to create your own with our APIs. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the quick response. Was there any plans in the future to add rebilling functionality?

Currently, we don’t have public roadmaps for features and releases with our Developer products. :slightly_smiling_face: