Subscriptions API workflow

Hi support,

I would appreciate some clarification on subscription-related matters, specifically concerning monthly charges and automatic card payments on file.

if an initial (non-scheduled) subscription payment fails, the subscription is still generated with an “ACTIVE” status. Additionally, the “charged_through_date” gets set to +1 month, which is misleading.

So there is nothing that I can see, on the returned subscription object which indicates the subscription payment failed…

  1. Is there another API call I need to make to know that the payment failed?
  2. What is the recommended course of action with the created subscription? Should I initiate an API call to delete it? (the charged_through_date is now incorrectly set, since the payment failed)
    3 .How can I disable the automatic emails (e.g., invoice payment failed) sent by SQUARE to my customers? I prefer to manage this communication myself…

Thank you for your assistance.

With the Subscriptions API you’ll need to listen to payment.created and payment.updated events for notification when a payment fails. To determine if a subscription charge failed, listen for this webhook and filter for payments where the status is FAILED . At this time the invoice.scheduled_charge_failed event won’t trigger an event when a subscription payment fails. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for sharing..