SquareUp vs API

We are want to use SquareUp with our current mobile app (powered by GoodBarber).
The idea is that :

  • the client uses our iOS or Android app to pass the order,
  • he is able to finalize by paying with SquareUp on the POS (Square Terminal).

So we have the following questions :

  • Can we use a Python script and the API to synchronize the mobile app calog’s and orders with Square ? Is that possible if we use only the API and not the SDK ?

  • Based on orders synchronized above, is it possible to print a ticket for both shop preparation & for clients ?

  • Does your software allow to create the invoices on synchronized orders? Will I see them on your software BO’s ?

  • Will I see the synchronized orders (see above) on the Square Terminal? Would I be able to change the order status (once the order is paid)?

I will appreciate your answers.
Best regards,

:wave: With Square you can definitely build a Python script to manage your catalog and orders with our APIs. When orders are created and paid for with a fulfillment they will push to the Square POS where they can be printed. Once the order is available in the POS you can have it print for both the shop preparation and for the customer that placed the order.

Also are you looking to have the customer place the order and pay for the order in person with the POS? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bryan
Thanks for your answer.
So we will test.

Yes, allowing clients to place orders on the POS is also on our list.
We will test it via the Square Terminal.

Fantastic! Feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions. We’re always happy to help. :slightly_smiling_face: