Square Up Payment On my Website via Credit Card to buy a Comic

Hi I am developer located in India and client belongs to UK where he wish to have square up payment functionality on his Comic website where if user wish to buy a comic then he can buy via credit card so i need to understand Square basic required steps to do the same.

Using .net core and square sdk 7.0 and setup credentials and created account on squareup and dashboard is ready.

Kindly suggest to setup for server side create payment and log required request response to make payment using credit card and squared sdk

Hi @amitparmar welcome to the forums.

Have you already taken a look at our documentation on online payments? This should give you information on how to create payments via the API for your client. However, since you’re in India, note that you can only use sandbox since India is not a supported country for credit card payments through Square unfortunately. Please let me know if I misunderstood, or if you have additional questions.

Thank you so much for your response .
Seeing the limited support of five country only we move with Stripe payment gateway.

Note: I have explored all developers Api and tested also required api for creating payment ,listing location,creating customer ,refund etc.
Please make it live with world wide support.

Amit Parmar