Square Terminal hangs with IN_PROGRESS

Square terminal shows ‘spinnging circle’ with message ‘do not remove card’ on screen, and hangs more than 4 min. (Verified using POS log action. [4 min. = Manager Login Time to Check - Treminal CheckOutCreated Time]) after the check out creation.

As a manager (I am a developer also.), I just removed card and turned off and turn on the Square terminal. I am not sure if this action triggered terminal checkout status as ‘canceled.’ I verified webhook log [TerminalCheckOut.Updated] with ‘CANCELED.’ Terminal shows black screen again (Check Out screen).

I am just writing what I have been encountered today in real environment.

To be considered, customer’s card was ‘GIFT CARD with Visa logo.’

  • I think ‘Gift Card’ with Visa logo is same as ‘credit card,’ and nothing to worry as developer.
  • My POS does not take any partial payment.

As a developer, have you seen your terminal hangs with ‘spinning cercle’ like this? If so, how did you handle with programming code? Cancel the target transaction by POS where webhook’s database status = ‘IN_PROGRESS’ and TerminalCheckOut_creation_time > (1 ~ 2)min? 1~2 min. is very long time to wait on IN_PROGRESS TerminalCheckOut to be COMPLETED.

Thanks, in advance.

:wave: Did this happen once with the device or did this happen across multiple devices? :slightly_smiling_face:

I have seen this only 1 time so far in last 2 months using the same device (terminal).
I have 2 devices (terminals). 1 for use, 1 for backup in any cases.

We did have an issue with the Terminal API where it was timing out, but that was quickly resolved by the team. Are you still experiencing this? :slightly_smiling_face:

There is no more same issue on this after the first incident.

Okay, great! Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: