Square stopped syncing customer information with transaction

I collect customer information for conference registrations using Gravity Forms and use the Gravity Forms Square Add-On to connect with Square. For several months everything worked great. On October 28, 2021 the customer information stopped linking to the transaction (for most transactions). Starting on October 28, 2021 there are 3 scenarios that occur when I look at the customer information that is tied to the transaction:

  1. The customer link says “Add Customer” - this is the most common
  2. The customer link says “Edit Customer”, but the customer fields are blank
  3. The customer link says “Edit Customer”, customer information is synced - happens rarely

The customers are getting sent to square because I can find them (we also capture the customer information through our website). There appears to be no rhyme or reason when the occasional transaction syncs properly.

I have been working with the plugin developer for two months now and they are telling me the issue is not on their end.

How can I get this to sync all of my transactions with the customer like it was prior to October 28, 2021?

:wave: Has the developer from Gravity Forms that you’re working with reached out to us? If not I would encourage them to do so if there was a breaking change for their integration. :slightly_smiling_face:

I did reach out to them again and gave them the link to this post. All of the information is getting passed to Square. It’s just not syncing the customer information with the transaction. They are telling me this is a Square issue. Hopefully they will reach out to you.

We’ll be on the lookout for their reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

@lonnyo Did this ever get resolved for you? We’re seeing a similar situation in our Gravity Forms flow…