Square Retail Spain - Scale ("Bascula") Not Supported?

Hi Guys,

We’re basically a little desperate to get our scales working in Spain. Our USA accounts work with CAS scales via Square Retail USA, but for whatever reason we don’t have scales turned on for Square Retail Spain yet…

We’re going to look to use the API to get something working. Quick question - is the procedure the same as other questions answered here about the Orders API, or do we need to take something into account for Spain?

Thanks a million!

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The procedure for using the Orders API should be the same regardless of the country. However, you should be aware that depending on the country, there might be limited credit card processing and application fee collection functionality. For Spain, you can test your payment logic in the Square Sandbox by creating a Sandbox seller account.

For payment processing, the seller’s Square account must be authorized for credit card processing and the seller must be in a Square-supported country. The OAuth access token allows your application to process payments on behalf of a seller and in the seller Square account.

Also, be sure to specify the currency of the country where a payment is being processed in your card payment request. Otherwise, the request is rejected. Use the Locations API to get the seller’s location and read the location currency field to get the currency to use in a payment request.

Remember, if the seller isn’t in one of the supported countries, the only supported payment methods are External and Cash (not Square Cash App Pay). If the desired payment method isn’t supported in the seller country, your application should disable that specific payment method in the UI.

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