Square reader SDK : multiple square accounts

Square reader authorisation and working with multiple accounts.

We have ionic cordova ios application integrated with square reader. We are having multiple clients using this application with individual square account.
Can Reader SDK itself downloaded from a one account be used with different accounts ?
Do we need to download and integrate the reader SDK from each account ? This means different app versions for each client/square account ?
We are using Mobile authorization API to get the authorisation code and using it to authorise the reader SDK.

:wave: With Reader SDK it’s not possible to download from one account to use on another. You definitely want to use our Mobile Authorization to connect other merchant accounts with your application. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your Response. We have three different customers using same application and having their individual square accounts. What are the best possible options to take integrated build with Square reader SDK and release the app ?

That’s fantastic that you have multiple customers already using your app. If your looking to launch your app in the App Store or Google Play store you need to go through their process to launch so you can distribute your application to your customers. If you don’t want to launch on the app store it’s entirely up to you on how to distribute the app and what best fits your business need. :slightly_smiling_face: