Digital Payment in Stores

I’m developing an iOS app for both consumers and retailers.
My question is about using Apple Pay in person.
From retailers side, my app successfully could take payments by using reader SDK and the card reader.
I’m having trouble with consumers side. I could enable Apple Pay in my app, so consumers can use Apple Pay to buy items online. However, I want to enable Apple Pay in-person to keep track of transactions between them at shops. Is there any way that I can make this possible? I hope my question makes sense.

Hi @etamatani welcome to the forums!

I’m not entirely sure what you mean. ReaderSDK is meant for in-person payments, to be used with Square hardware. The Square reader already has built-in support to accept digital wallets like Apple Pay. So, the merchant would be running your app (using ReaderSDK), and when the consumer needs to pay, they would just hold their phone near the Square reader with their apple pay open to take the payment. Please let me know if I’m misunderstanding, though.

Hi @sjosey,

Thank you for your reply.
Sorry for the confusion. Let me rephrase my question.
I want to call Wallet (Apple Pay NFC) from my app. By following your document, I could enable Apple Pay in my app (thank you, the document was really helpful). When I tap “Buy with Apple Pay” button, my app processes the payment, but now I’m looking for a way that letting my app look for a card reader.
Now I feel like this is a better question to ask Apple, but do you have any API/ SDK that supports NFC Payment in-stores (not accepting but paying)?
Hope what I’m saying makes sense.

Sorry, I’m still not completely certain what you’re trying to do. Why would you want to have a consumer-app that looks for Apple Pay reader, when the merchant-app would handle all of that? To be clear, I honestly do not know how to do what you’re asking, and that sounds out of scope for Square, but I’m also still not clear on why you’re wanting to do that. We do not have any APIs that allow you to pay to other NFC readers besides Square, if that’s what you’re trying to do.

ReaderSDK already allows you to connect Square readers already, although that’s more of a merchant-side, not a consumer-side activity. From the consumer, you would just open up Apple Pay to pay - why would you need to check for readers from the consumer side?