Link Reader SDK transaction to Square Order

Hi, we are working on a Kiosk solution to integrate with Square POS. We can create a Square order and we can process a payment using the Reader SDK but we are having trouble connecting the transaction to the order. One of the Reader SDK’s limitations is below and we understand it. Is there perhaps another way in which we can use an in-person Square payment and link that payment to a Square order?

Reader SDK does not support itemized transactions. Transactions processed with Reader SDK appear on buyer receipts and in the Square Dashboard with an optional note and the total transaction amount.

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Unfortunately not at this time; there is no way for POS API or ReaderSDK to be linked to an order. You could potentially use the note field as an order_id so you can look up the order later, or if you’re using your own database you could create your own linking, but neither of these scenarios would actually make them linked inside Square.

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Okay, thank you for the quick reply and for providing us with a better understanding.

Hi everyone :wave:

Just checking in if this is still the case? We’re looking to make a self-order kiosk and POS solution for a 120+ location coffee chain, but we NEED to be able to link payments to their orders.


We encountered the same issue. Has there been any progress?

Currently no further updates at this time. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone!

Since introducing the Reader SDK six years ago, we have gathered valuable feedback from our developer community on how we can improve the value it delivers.

After much anticipation, we are thrilled to announce that the Mobile Payments SDK, the successor to the Reader SDK, is now available in beta! Exciting features you can now access include:

  • Reader Management API: Proactively monitor the health and status of connected Square Readers.
  • Payments API integration: Enables you to unlock itemization, deeper orders integration, app fees, delayed capture, and more.
  • Offline Payments: Continue to take payments in the event of connectivity issues or outages.
  • Square Sandbox Support: Test, refine, and troubleshoot your integration in Sandbox using a mock reader user interface.
  • Square Gift Cards: Now you can accept Square Gift Cards via swipe.

Plus, you can expect even more features to be released soon.

Mobile Payments SDK beta is currently available only to developers serving sellers in the US. Check out the docs to get started. Already integrated with the Reader SDK? Check out the migration guide.

Link to announcement