Square now supports Afterpay in-person payments

Square now supports Afterpay in-person payments for all eligible Square sellers in the U.S. and Australia. Developers do not need to write code to unlock Afterpay in-person (via Terminal API, Reader SDK, or POS API) — it is automatically available to eligible sellers that accept tap-to-pay with Square.

We recently released an update to Payments API and Reader SDK that distinguishes Afterpay payments from digital wallet payments. This is just an FYI to our developer community — check out our changelog for more info and feel free to ask any questions in these forums!

I see that it says you can use Afterpay payments with the Terminal API, How can someone using the Terminal API with linked Square Terminal confirm that customers can pay with Afterpay? From what I have seen it says that when Afterpay is enabled that on the Square Terminal screen when waiting for a payment it has the afterpay logo on it, but even though the customer has Afterpay active in the square dash with online and in-store payments turned on under afterpay settings they said when they use their custom pos to send payment total to the square terminal it never shows the afterpay logo. On squares documentation, it says afterpay can be used with the terminal API and that it automatically can be done with no extra needed to be done. So is the customer all set and can accept afterpay when using the square terminal API even though the afterpay logo doesn’t show on the terminal’s screen? Or is something not working because the afterpay logo isn’t on the terminal screen when a customer is about to pay? If something is wrong and since the afterpay logo isn’t showing on the terminal screen when payment collection is active, then what could that be considering that have afterpay active and enabled online and in person? Thank you.

Is the seller enabled for Afterpay? It should be visible if they’re enabled. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, the seller has Afterpay enabled and active and then when they click on settings for Afterpay it shows online and in-store and both of those are enabled and show active as well. Plus the seller has the option when sending invoices to enable Afterpay so they definitely have it active, it is just the POS they use with the Square Terminal API that doesn’t show the Afterpay logo on the terminal screen in person.

What’s a checkout_id that isn’t giving the option for Afterpay? :slightly_smiling_face:

How do I find that out?

Also, I am assuming I was correct about the Afterpay not working if they don’t see the Afterpay logo on the terminal screen?

Update - @Bryan-Square - No I am talking about the blue screen

Are you looking for the Afterpay option on the idle screen? If it’s available it will appear on the blue checkout screen. :slightly_smiling_face: