Square KDS - Order Fulfillment status changes

Hello, currently we have a merchant that is using the Square KDS. However, we have noticed that whenever they update the state of the order through the KDS. The state change of the Order isn’t reflected in the Square API and stays in the PROPOSED state. Does the Square KDS not make updates to the Square api?

The merchant id is MLQP0R84D0Q37 application id is sq0idp-_OpWFbMJ0nQp7vhmCjzoKw

What KDS are they using? Is it an Expeditor or a Prep KDS? I believe only the Expeditor will update an order fulfillment.sate. :slightly_smiling_face:

They are using the Prep KDS. Which, is most likely the reasoning to why isn’t being updated.

Bryan what do I need to access all orders and items that hit the KDS?

Access to all the orders and items that go to the KDS is available with our Orders API and Catalog API. However they’re only available if the order has been paid for. At this time access to unpaid orders isn’t currently available. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this information.