Square gift card apis

Hi there,
I am building a custom mobile app in react native using square. I am heavily going to rely on gift cards via square. I have a couple of questions.

  1. Is there a way to create gift cards via APIs? if not, how to modify the existing gift card form buttons?
  2. How to get card balance and other transaction info via APIs, like the way the square app does?
  3. My customer’s gift card was removed when it was fully used, however, a refund came in. How to add the card back in case of a refund? can I keep there in the first place?


Hey @nnaeem, welcome to the forums!

  1. Unfortunately not. You can only pay with gift cards, but there’s no other functionality currently (create, check balance, etc). However, with the Square Payment Form , you can customize it a decent amount (see here).

  2. No, unfortunately, see above.

  3. Sadly, this is how it works in our current system, and there’s no way to recover it after it’s been removed as far as I know.

Since all three of these are unfortunately feature requests, I’ll remove the “Questions” tag, and mark it as “Feature Request”.

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Can you explain how square app gets the balance and breaks down the balance, history to display?

I can still use https://squareup.com/gift/8EMGFCRRDR166/check-balance but this has all stuff mixed.

I’ve used the square payment form to create a nonce and add it back to the customer using the create customercard api, are there any other usage besides this?

Any ETA on the apis?

Is there a way to get the gift card code in case the email was not received?

Regards, Noman

I don’t have any details on how the POS app gets that information, but it is not publicly accessible via our APIs at this time. We also unfortunately do not release public timelines, so I do not have an ETA on when this would be available. There’s also no way to look up a gift card number after it’s been sold.

I am in the same boat as my customer is stuck with Square gift card, as they open online store on bigCommerce.There is no way to sync up bigcommerce and square gift card.I might need to ask them to use Stripe POS

Agreed. Get Gift Card Balance is a MUST. People want to know their balance sometimes. Also, when using GC’s as partial payment, you must first submit the Create Payment and get an error, then use the balance returned to figure out the amount you really can charge, and finally resubmit the Create Payment. That makes no sense. I guess if I want to get GC balances, I can create an order with an item that costs $1000000 and try to Create a Payment against it. :roll_eyes:

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What’s the best way to track the feature request? Follow this post, or is there some other mechanism to show support and get updates?

Is this really the only way that we can check balances? It seems a little archaic.