Fetch Gift Cards via Catalog or Inventory API?

Is there a way to fetch existing gift cards created by a merchant via the API?

Unfortunately not at this time. Our APIs do not know much about gift cards, but it does allow you to use them as payments on the payment form. I’ll update this to be a feature request.

The API does allow you to create a new gift card offer on behalf of the merchant which can later be redeemed and accepted, corrected? Meaning, an APP authorized by a Square merchant can create new gift card offers and be sold to a consumer.The consumer would then receive a 16-digit card number that they can use to make a purchase.

Is the above accurate?

No, you cannot create gift cards through the API at all. You can only do this directly through the Square dashboard at this time. However, if the customer does have a Square gift card, they can make purchases with it via the Square Payment Form if it’s set up to support gift cards: https://developer.squareup.com/docs/payment-form/gift-cards/intro

Does Square API support the creation of virtual credit cards for customers to use in person or online?

No, that is not possible.