How to setup a 'working' Gift Card via API

I’ve done a search and can’t find a solution.

I’ve created both a sandbox and production Gift Card.

The sandbox API throws an error when I try to apply a customer to it.

The Production API adds a customer but I can’t add funds to it. It’s practically useless.

I can’t even use to reload the card or check the balance (and yes I’m using the production voucher).

Why do we HAVE to pay for and use Square’s plastic cards? We want out own branded paper vouchers and we want to put codes on them that we generate using the API.

I’ve tried to top up on Square POS, I enter the GAN and it says not valid, it is assigned to a customer and exists in the system. Why can’t I view the balance or top up!?

:wave: What’s the error you are getting when trying to load a Gift Card with the API? With the Gift Cards API you can create and add funds two ways to a card. The first is to Load a Gift Card Using the Orders API . The second is Load a Gift Card Without the Orders API . :slightly_smiling_face: