Square Dashboard Transactions Order Number in Title

Our web portal for our website generates a random unique Order Number for each order.

Trying to get this custom Order Number into the title of the transactions on the square dashboard. We used to use WooCommerce and it was able to do it, so the API should be able to, right?

I am creating the order, then creating the payment. So the payment is referencing/linking the order using the square order ID. The customer, order, payment are all linking correctly.

First, I’m not sure if this custom order number is to be entered into the API payment object or the order object?

Second, I tried the reference_id but it doesn’t appear anywhere…? What object field should I enter this custom order number? So it can be referenced within the square dashboard?

Thank you

:wave: That is correct, currently the reference_id isn’t currently visible on the Dashboard. If you would like your custom order number to show in the Dashboard you will need to add it as a note either to the payment object or the order object.

@NoDoze did you ever sort this issue? I am having the same situation, doesn’t make a lot of sense that some developers can do this and some others cannot

If you pass the order_id in as a note it will show in the Seller Dashboard. :slightly_smiling_face:

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