Square Account -Not able to insert Data

Hi I am Working On a POC for Fetching the square JSON Data from all API’s , for that i am trying to insert data for All API’s in square but for some API’s i am not able to insert the data

  1. BankAccount
    2.Cash Drawer
    fro these API’s i am not able to insert data.(Or) Can you provide any TEST ACCOUNT (TOKEN) which has dummy data for all API’s

Unfortunately we do not have test accounts with dummy data, so you’ll need to create this data yourself if you need to access it. You can create bank accounts in your Square account, the hardest one will be the disputes since you can’t really create a dispute.

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There is actually a way to create Disputes in sandbox, but it requires using the specific test values to generate them.

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Thanks foe your update!! Can You explain how ‘cursor’ works with API in detail

Hi regarding dummy data insertion , For BankAccount its asking real account details

it showing it will transfer 0.001$
2. Cash Drawer we need the device to generate data ,and also in payroll also we don’t find the option to insert the data
5.payment - we need to register store in online to generate data data , and also in payroll also we don’t find the option to insert the data

or we will provide our Access token of ours and also credentials can you please insert dummy data for those above Mentioned API’s this will be very helpfull for us

Unfortunately there’s no way to create bank accounts in sandbox, you will need to use a real bank account if you need it, and same with cash drawers (because there’s no sandbox for the POS application). For payments, you can definitely create those in sandbox, please take a look at our sandbox test values page.