Split payment for invoices at POS

Split Payments are available for orders, but not for invoices. Is that something that is even in the planning phases for invoices?
We can’t use orders for open balances, because the Orders API requires a payment transaction to be attached to the order, otherwise it won’t show up in the POS system. Therefore we have to use the Invoices API to push the open order from our SaaS product to the POS when they’ve chosen to “pay at check-in”.

Square is a great product, but no matter what we try to do, there’s always a catch that we have to try to work around.

Thanks for sharing! Unfortunately we do not provide public timelines for features/changes at this time, so I’m not sure if it’s coming or not.
The ability to pay for open orders in person is definitely a popular feature request, though, and is on the Orders team radar.

If we can have the ability to send in orders without a payment transaction and have them who up on the POS system, that would be the dream come true, but right now turning the unpaid order into an invoice is the only way to do this.