Create an order and have someone on the frontend pick the order on POS so the client can pay

Hey guys the API is really confusing and would really like to know if the USE case is possible. We would like to create an order from the backend where someone working at the STORE can then select the order on the POS and get the client to pay. We are having issues reconciling just the way the business model works. And was wondering if this is possible?

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Unfortunately, this is not currently possible. In order to push an order to the Square POS, it must be paid for already, so it cannot be paid for in person. For more info see here:

@sjosey thanks for the quick reply. Is there a way to reoncile what was paid on Square POS on our backend.

Can we add an order# to what was being paid via POS? or is there an alternative?

You can definitely retrieve all payments/orders that are paid on the Square POS via the API, but there’s no way to link an order to a POS payment, no. You could pass in an order_id via the notes field or something like that, but it wouldn’t be formally linked unfortunately.

Is this feature planned at all? or is there way for us to enter an interac number online and then charge it?

We typically don’t release public timelines, but it’s definitely a popular feature request (you can find it on the forums a few times already). As for interac: as far as I know, it’s supported via tap only, not manual card entry: Accepted Cards | Square Support Center - CA. Let me know if I misunderstood, though.

That answers my question. Thank you

Is it possible that you could please bump up the priority of this request to allow something “payLater” so that the order shows up in the dashboard and it can be paid later?

This is a pain point that we have as of now.

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My vote for this feature!!! For dine-in restaurant settings, it’s critical to be able to create an order and have it show up in the POS without first requiring payment.

Hi from what I see from the change to the Documents, we can now make an unpaid order via API and pay on the POS?
Would this be correct?

If not can we pay via API an order_id created and open on the POS? POST /v2/orders/{order_id}/pay - Square API Explorer

At this time the ability to create an unpaid order and pay for is using the POS isn’t currently possible. PayOrder is used when you need to add multiple payments to pay for an order like split payments.

For each payment request that you’re going to associate to the order you’ll pass the same order_id each time.

For example you have an order for $2.00. You’d call CreatePayment for $1.00 with that order_id. Then you’d call CreatePayment again for $1.00 with the same order_id. Once you have all the payments that total the amount of the order you’ll then call PayOrder. :slightly_smiling_face: