Some fully discounted orders excluded from reporting, how come?

We are helping some merchants with report and have noticed that in a given time period they have some orders that are 100% discounted where this discount amount is included in their Square Dashboard reports, while they have other orders that are 100% discounted where the discount amount is NOT included in their Square Dashboard reports.

Is there any reason this would happen?

For the excluded orders they are for order-level 100% discounts and all of the items are gift cards. Would either of those be the root cause?

:wave: Do you have the two Square order_ids? :slightly_smiling_face:

@Bryan-Square I sent the details to you through Slack, but have not heard back from you. Do you need additional information from me to point me in the right direction?

@Bryan-Square It has been a few months without an update on this issue. Our Slack exchange in January seemed to indicate that you noticed some irregularities on your end. Do you have an update to share? The issue remains ongoing for the merchant

:wave: @xtg could you Slack me again? I’ll be sure to follow up. :slightly_smiling_face: