Solutions for unattended in-person payments

Hello Square Developers!

We’re looking for a solution for unattended in-person payments. The Reader SDK explicitly states that unattended payments are prohibited, but the POS API and Square Terminal do not.

Does this mean the POS API and Terminal can be used while unattended by the merchant? I seem to recall a developer in the Square Slack confirming that for the POS API, but I’d like to double check.

Thank you!

Hey @chicobermuda welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately, none of our in-person solutions are meant to be unattended. I’ll ping our documentations team to make sure it’s clear across all three APIs.

Sorry @sjosey, maybe “self-service” would’ve been the appropriate descriptor. Basically, same as what Shake Shack does per your case study (

Would the POS API be feasible for self-service transactions, let’s say in a Shake Shack environment? I ask because we are looking to launch some “Shake Shacks” outside of the US, where the Reader SDK is unavailable.

Ah, thanks for clarifying! So, our in-person solutions are able to be used in self-service environments; basically the POS (ReaderSDK, terminal, POS api) needs to be only available while there’s an employee available. This does not mean that an employee has to assist at all times, but needs to be nearby in case something goes wrong. This also means that the POS should not be made accessible outside of business hours, when an employee cannot be around (ie, a vending machine outside of a store). Hope that clears things up, but please let me know if have further questions about this.