Software development questions!

Hey all,

I’m currently enrolled in a two-year AS software development program through the community college. I’d like to pursue a four-year degree with my employment goals mainly being in front-end web & mobile development–though, throughout the AS program, I’ve also developed a fondness for OOP (Python & Ruby, notably). I’m also interested in Linux/Unix administration. #Custom Software Development Company

I have some questions for anyone familiar with the software dev program:

Will I get in? I spoke with an advisor a few months ago who warned me that I’d probably not be admitted without some prior certs. Will an AS in software development increase those odds?
Curriculum? I’m less concerned with the actual languages I’m working with (most of my AS has focused on networking & securities… two fields I’m utterly, completely disinterested in) and more with how education is going to help me learn to learn–if that makes sense. Does the curriculum at WGU lend itself to becoming an all-around better developer, or do those Java certs really just mean I’ll be proficient in Java?
Employability? My understanding from friends working in tech is that most companies prefer to look at code vs resumes. I’m pretty confident in my technical ability, and my ability to learn & work quickly and in teams, but my resume is admittedly awful (spotty service work mixed with periods of time off to raise my daughter) and my academics are unimpressive. Will a four-year from WGU help me be more employable?
I’ll be asking these three questions to an advisor tomorrow as well, but I’d love input from students or alumni!

:wave: This Forum is for Square Development questions and asking these questions to your advisor is probably your best source for the answers. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Bryan-Square thank you for your guidence

Also consider stackexchange for both research and for asking the question there, in the appropriate stackexchange forum.

Sounds to me like you have two questions:

  1. how do I get into the course I want?
  2. what would make me more employable?

In general, people who demonstrate good full-stack are considered very employable; providing there’s some actual commercial experience and some depth. Demonstrated experience with devops and working on a live app would go a long way, and possibly you could even launch your own provided it’s viable and running and works well. Devops itself is in good demand, as is security literacy. Also having a popular language is good - Python and PHP being popular, PHP far more so for webdev and Python more so for AI and data crunching. Both have a good assortment of libraries which are fit for purpose; for instance, Python has stellar AI libraries AFAIK and PHP very little, which PHP has good webdev libraries (and has improved a lot in recent years, and is approx 40% of the internet).

Only your advisor can answer the course questions, as you’d expect.

I’m not a current employer, though I used to be; so these are just my opinions, might be out of touch with the US market.

Even though this thread is a year old, the questions you raised remain relevant to anyone considering a career in software development. Here are some insights:1. Having an AS in software development can still be beneficial for your four-year program admission. It demonstrates your commitment and foundational knowledge in the field.2. In terms of curriculum, a well-rounded education is important, focusing not only on specific languages but also on problem-solving skills and adaptability. This approach should help you become a versatile developer, which is timeless.