Java Example Code Suggestion

As a person trying to onboard, self taught with Java, about 18 years programming in Java, 40 years programming in many languages, some using optical recognition and punch cards in the early days, I just get a sense for things that is going to introduce errors or unexpected results into my systems, and one of those is Lambda expressions. I understand it cuts down bloated code, but not everyone wants to take those risks.

I have looked at your classes, and the programming is very well done and documented, and with about 15 hours of my time I will dissect step by step and document the functions I require and write some functional programming implementations.

However is that what you want? I can see by the documentation that the team likes Lambda expressions, but isn’t that the role of the individual programmer to make that decision if they use, understand the implications.

So what I am suggesting is that if you desire to have people use your Java libraries, and implement them instead of moving on, in a very competitive environment, and to be the onboarding support that you write a full documented functional example, that we can quickly see the logic and classes involved instead of guessing and reading for hours.

It puts people like me in a position, do I really want to invest that time? I am not a full time programmer, this is for my own products I market, and have a busy schedule. I understand as a full time programmer many people lose site of what a person sees from the outside, coming in fresh.

And I think when I asked for an example, it would have taken the support team who knows the code 2 minutes to write me a function example, instead of leaving me dangling, and putting the onus on me, that is hardly onboard level support.

I do not expect you to write my system for me, or do my implementations, but there is a level of helping when such a terrible set of examples has been presented. When I see the example it should tell me, this returns a JSON object, I should not have to go research it, that is the point, to HELP people transition to your system.

As a former IT specialist in many management positions, the person who did this example, would be instructed to do it properly, in a manner, to help people get on board, without forcing java slang onto the person, and making it so difficult.

That is my two cents, and probably the last time I will write in this forum, due to the lack of consideration I receied the first time I asked.

Thank you.

Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback. We’re constantly working to improve based on feedback like this, so I’ll be sure to share your request to the API product team.

What example were you using? Was it just with the SDK or was it our Java Payment example? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Now to be honest, I have been not programming in the last 9 years in Java, started 2005, and recently returned to it, so it is understandable that things have changed drastically, and as I research this, and there was no Interface at that time for example, nor the subsequent additions of enums, and not knowing those things exist, would make the LAMBDA a little strange I think you would agree.

So now this change is kind of forced on me, and I do not understand it well enough to back it out, since I am still learning how this new compiler ensures compliance of the first variable, and not used subsequent.

So, the thought is, does a person really need to have code customized to Java 8 and beyond to use your libraries, should not the team be striving to have acceptance even back to Java 1, cause that is why you would do the libraries to hide that from us, the inner workings.

And of course a key tenant of Java ideology was backwards compatibility. So will I use Interfaces? and Enum for example in the future, yes seems interesting. I do that now by having multiple classes to hold static final values, but I see now it is formalized in Interfaces, and the new changes.

Will I use LAMBDA expressions, not so sure, might be too old, lol, logically I just do not see the point, the saving are minor and I have to rely on the compiler to keep my rules in tact, and trust that class variables play nice and I do not screw up leading to unintented errors and mistakes.

So please do not take it person, I am a old school go the long way type, to cut down the surprises, and I just think a programming example without the leading edge of Java implementation, and something even maybe someone using Netbeans, which is not playing nice with lambda, could use.

So thanks for asking at least, yes I would make a simple app, with classes using very clear examples, we can hack apart and use as a template for develping our own approach, and if we want to use interfaces and enums, and the other objects, we can based on our skill level. After all these years of IT, as many will appreciate, sometimes we just want a clear example that everyone can implement, just not up to date leading edge programmers.