Show which specific item variation is sold out & if all variation is sold out, show not be able to click on checkout

On check out, I how it will show me which part is sold out instead of just showing “1 variation is sold out”. Atleast for a quick glance I will know from my mobile device without going in to the items menu.

Also if all or specific variation is sold out, it should be greyed out and I cannot add it to checkout…

To confirm, are you referring to the Square Online store, or another third-party integration?

I am using the iPhone Square App, on my picture attachment below:
ON Marked 1: I know it is cross out and also mark out of stock, I wish that I would be able to click it anymore or if I can click it, a new screen that will show adding a stock to the inventory items.

On Marked 2: I wish that instead of showing just “1 variation sold out” it will specifically show the actual name of the variation that is Sold out.