Real Time Sales Tracking Dashboard

I am working on a project with my son, and we would like to track real time sales in order to better manage inventory. I believe we must do this because the POS square app does not tell us when an item is sold out, this means we can potentially sell something we are out of stock with and a customer is not happy. This has become a big problem because 60% of our sales occurs online and our store is open only one day a week, so we must make sure that we are not over selling items to walk up customers during our one day sale. For example, 66% of inventory is sold during the week, and the rest is sold on Saturday through POS transactions. We are generally extremely busy and do not have the resources to dedicate a worker manually tracking low inventory items.

Our concept is a dashboard that allows us to tally units sold of any item we wish to track on the dashboard. Ideally the dashboard would have a moderate refresh rate of every 30 seconds. Perhaps we could use an api that collects the transaction history and a simple algorithm could decipher how that is displayed via our concept dashboard?

Are there API hooks that would enable this kind of a dashboard?

We’ve got a feature in beta that may be of interest that will display a Sold Out label on items with 0 inventory or that are manually marked as sold out that syncs between Square Online and Square Point of Sale. If you are interested in it, we’ve got a community post here.

We do have an inventory webhook for when an inventory quantity changes. More info.

Thanks for the info, I’m definitely interested in the sold out label feature. I clicked on the community post link you provided but it did not work.

It may require being a part of the beta community - I can ask the manager of the beta program to reach out.

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i am working on client project Behang eraf halen he POS square application doesn’t disclose to us when a thing is sold out, this implies we can possibly sell something we are unavailable with and a client is distraught. This has become a major issue in light of the fact that 60% of our deals happens on the web and our store is open just a single day seven days, so we should ensure that we are not over offering things to stroll up clients during our one day deal