Show Deliveroo Order Amount In Square

We use Deliveroo to get order in our restaurant but we need to show Deliveroo order amount in our Square panel. We just need to see the only order amount in transaction not order details. We want to follow all of our daily earnings from a single panel. That is Square panel. Can we achieve this using order and payment api or another api ?

Hey @ahmetkocabiyik, you can use the Orders API to retrieve order total information. However, the APIs do not currently have the ability to modify what information is shown on your dashboard.

Orders that have fulfillment details and are fully paid for will be pushed to your Square Dashboard though. If Deliveroo is the application creating these orders for you, you may want to check with them to see if it’s possible to have these pushed to your dashboard.

Order api create end point expect that lineitem details to create a new order. It calculates that lineitems amount. Can we create an order without lineitems and with custom order amount value ?

Orders can be created with ad hoc items. These are still added as line_items on the order, but it will allow you to define custom amounts rather than using catalog objects with your order. See “Option2: Define a line item ad hoc” in this documentation for more info :slight_smile: