Retrieve fulfillment status of line items

Hello this order is though Square Online web apps

STEP1 => order from SQUARE ONLINE in which 2 line item present,1 item contain 5 order quantity,2 item contain 2 order quantity

STEP2 => then on order day i partially fulfilled of item 1 of 3 quantity after then order balance quantity is item 1 balance 2 quantity and item2 balance 2 quantity.

STEP3 => after 1 day i cancel rest of my order.

this all done though dashboard provided by square.

and when i search from square order api then i donts gets return item or cancel order detail is it possible to get cancel line item quantity from order api or from another api end point

Hi @chanchal1402 welcome to the forums!

I believe I spoke to you via email, and just followed up shortly ago. To confirm here on the forums: currently this is not possible via the Orders API unfortunately; the fulfillment objects do not include line items, so there’s no way to see which items were fulfilled or not. I’ll mark this as a feature request, but the team confirmed this is a gap they’re hoping to close.

Thanks for reply
i hope strong square team fill this gap as soon as possible in future.
so we can use and support this powerful platform