Updating an order's line items

I’m trying to update an “open” order’s line items via the API (and PHP SDK), but am getting the following error response: LineItems cannot be modified for finalized tenders.

How do we update an order’s line items after payment, via the API? For example, someone orders and pays for 3 of an item via the website, but then calls in and wants to change that to only 2 of the item. The documentation is kind of sparse when it comes to updating orders.

:wave: At this time the ability to reduce or increate line items or the quantity of a line item after an order has been paid for isn’t currently available. You’d need to issue a partial refund for the amount of the item that they no longer want. We’re constantly working to improve our features based on feedback like this, so I’ll be sure to share your request to the API product team. :slightly_smiling_face:


In your example, the payments have been captured. have the items been fulfilled yet?
Would you consider that situation to be a partial cancel of an order, i.e. you bought 3 of something, and want to cancel the order on 1?

Mark Lummus

@mlummus in this scenario the items have not yet been fulfilled. And I suppose if it accomplishes the goal then terminology is just semantics, i.e. an “order change” vs a “partial order cancellation”.

@Bryan-Square Will issuing a partial refund update the order details though? If not, how would the fulfillment staff know only to send 2 items instead of the original 3?

The key distinction that I am trying to determine is this: is this an open order or a completed order. Currently, the system does not support issuing a refund against an open order; today you would have to complete the order and then issue a refund. We are planning on supporting an “inline” refund; with an inline refund, you would be able to remove a line item (or decrease quantity), and then issue a refund for the overpayment amount.

@mlummus the inline refund sounds like exactly what I need, but in the meantime what’s a suitable workaround? The end goal being:

  1. A partial refund for the items that were removed (or quantities decreased) from the order;
  2. Changing the order so that it shows that only 2 items should be given to the customer as opposed to 3.

At this time only refunding the amount is currently available. Itemized returns that would change the quantity on the order isn’t currently available. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, @Bryan-Square