Refunds and Orders

I created a paid order with the API with one item in it for PICKUP in future. I refunded that item in the POS. The order is still OPEN and visible in the POS. When I click on details it shows nothing about a refund. An order filler, would fill this order!

My expectation is that this order would be closed, or the item would be removed from the order.

Is this expected behavior?

If it is, is there a way trough the API, to find refunds, and remove the items from open orders?


This sounds similar to: Best method to cancel order after refund. Basically, if you refund an open order, it will not automatically close. You’ll need to use the API to cancel the fulfillment to remove it from the POS at this time.

As for your latter question: you can find refunds in the Orders API (each refund creates a new Order object with a refund and the source_order_id). I’m not sure what you mean by removing items from the order…I don’t think this is possible as we typically do not allow you to edit a paid-for order other than to change its status.

What I mean, by removing items from an order:
A customer places an order with multiple items. Someone refunds one of those items in the POS. In the POS, someone else opens the order to fill it, there’s no indication that the item has been refunded. So, they get a free item! And we lose money. That’s the issue I’m trying to resolve.