Securing SCA/3DS Checkouts without full information

Hi, I’m trying to set up a payment form through our in-house website we’re building for clients but we’re running into an issue where our internal database for customer billing information does not store things like country-code or region or city, which are included in the verification details to the verifyBuyer function as part of the verify buyer function [first image].

The docs does make mention about “using as many fields as possible” as per here:

Can anyone provide some information about exactly what level of information is required in order to get the form to submit successfully?
Can these fields be ommitted and the form will still function well in production?

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Given that it’s the bank that verifies the information that’s passed to verifyBuyer there’s no way to know exactly whats required. This is why the documentation recommends that you collect and pass as much information as possible to verifyBuyer. The more information you collect and pass in at the time of payment will help reduce declines from a verification failure.

Have you gotten any declines due to verification failure with the information that your collecting and passing in today? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bryan, no we’re still working in a dev environment so this seems like an issue that if we ran into we’d only run into in production. Is there a way that you know of that we can use the dev card details from the docs to make it more likely/find out if this is going to be an issue?

With SCA it’s up to the bank to either accept to decline the payment based on the information that’s provided. At this time with sandbox you can simulate a success or a failed verification which is what you’d see in production as well. :slightly_smiling_face: