Restrict zipcodes on square card form to specific cities


We want to restrict the zipcodes on square-generated credit card forms, In short, we want to restrict the zipcodes to Texas only as we offer our products to Texas only and we are having Fraud transaction outside texas.

Please let us know the steps to configure this.


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Web Payments SDK Requirements
Collecting Information
Collecting Information

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At this time the ability to restrict payments based on the postal code isn’t available with the Web Payments SDK. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bryan,
Thank you for your response.

Can we decline the payment before capturing it? So I understood, we can’t restrict with web SDK but if we can do on server side, like we are using PHP SDK, If we can manage there?

How are you going to determine whether or not they’re outside of Texas? Are you collecting additional information on the form? :slightly_smiling_face: