Charge on website without ZIP code

Is there any way to not make customers input zip code when entering their credit card on an ecommerce website?

Or, only card number and zip code without having to enter last 3 ?

You can remove it by setting postalCode: false in the SqPaymentForm (see here for more info:, but note that it is required in US, Canada, and United Kingdom, so if you do not supply it, the payment will fail.

That’s awesome.
Are these combinations below possible?

  1. only enter card number, and a zip code
  2. only enter card number, and expiration dates
  1. No
  2. If you have an application set up in Japan or Australia, then you can get by without requesting the postal code. Of course you need to also always request the CVV in all scenarios.
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A bit odd I’m getting an error message trying to charge an american card without zip code:

        [category:Square\Models\Error:private] => INVALID_REQUEST_ERROR
        [code:Square\Models\Error:private] => INVALID_VALUE
        [detail:Square\Models\Error:private] => Postal code is required for nonces used by merchants in `US`

This is the code I put in .JS file:

      locationId: "--------------",
       inputClass: 'sq-input',
       postalCode: false,
     inputStyles: [{
         fontSize: '.9em'

I know Stripe allows taking payments without zip code. It’s odd I actually think I was able to charge without zip code and I think it even worked once I don’t remember…but anyway, now it doesn’t :S

As mentioned above, it’s required for merchants setup in the US, UK, and CA.

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Hi SJosey,

How can i disable postal code using Web SDK?

Hi @devgti, currently the ability to disable the postal code isn’t currently available. The Web SDK automatically detect if the postal code is necessary since it’s localized. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello, Is there any way to prepopulate/pass the zip code in? In our case, the customer has already filled out this data in the checkout billing address. Thanks

Yes, you can definitely pre-populate the zip code with the Web Payments SDK by setting the CardOptions in the Card. :slightly_smiling_face: