Card Payment without Zip Code (Sandbox)

I’m based in Australia.
Apparently the Zip code is not required for this country.
How do I test the Card Payment functionality without the 5 digit zipcode

Card Payment form

At this time there isn’t a test value for Australian cards so you can’t successfully process a sandbox payment. If you want to see the behavior of an Australian card you can input the card vales in the form and not submit the payment.

The Web Payments SDK shows a postal code input field on the payment form after the SDK determines the country that issued the buyer’s credit card. The Web Payments SDK displays the proper form label for the postal code based on the country:

  • For US, the form displays “ZIP”.
  • For CA, the form displays “Postal Code”.
  • For UK, the form displays “Postcode”.

If the payment form displays the postal code field, then the payment requires a postal code for the buyer to proceed. The Web Payments SDK enforces input field validation for the postal code depending on the country. :slightly_smiling_face: