Request not authorized

I’m setting up a Joomla site that seems to work ok in sandbox mode but in live mode I’m getting “Request not authorized” when I try to process a transaction.

APP ID: ssq0idp-OgNLPXI2E7x36gxt-QitdA
Location: ATXF1BG6263K1

Please help, thanks!

:wave: With Square the authorization error is thrown when your credentials aren’t configured correctly. In this case you have an extra s in your application ID. I should be sq0idp-OgNLPXI2E7x36gxt-QitdA.

Also I removed your access token from the post. In the future please don’t share the access token. They are secret. I’d recommend you recycle the token in your Developer Dashboard by clicking Replace Token and configure the newly generated token in your Joomla application. :slightly_smiling_face: