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The 401 unauthorized error is typically due to an invalid (or possibly even missing) access token made in your API request. Please be sure that your request includes a valid access token in the Authorization header. Please also note that if you’re using sandbox, that the domain should be “https://connect.squareupsandbox.com” instead of “https://connect.squareup.com”, which can also cause this error. For more information about setting this header, take a look at our doc site.

Hello, I am having this exact error and all my credentials is correct.

I have a form on my WordPress built website

https://handsfreeluggage dot com/appointment-booking/

in which I am trying to use Square to recieve payment.

However, when I try to pay it pops a “REQUEST NOT AUTHORIZED” error as I input the following test card details.

Test Credentials :
Card Number : {{redacted}}
Card CVV : 111
Card Expiration : 08/2024
Card Postal Code : 44101

On my backend section on my website in Square, I used the following test credentials.

Location ID :- LN0ZPJ72GAFD3

Please help !!!

i have also this issue

Response body:
object(stdClass)#7 (1) {
array(1) {
object(stdClass)#6 (3) {
string(12) “UNAUTHORIZED”
string(37) “This request could not be authorized.”

url = https://connect.squareupsandbox.com
$access_token = ‘EAAAENq8uO8rgmjYf70V_F9oxL-CavCN2gbL***’;
var applicationId = “sandbox-sq0idb-eW2hqYxp*******”;

:wave: @hussainmd I took a look at your account and see successful API calls. Are you still running into this error? Also I see that you are calling the deprecated Transactions API. Is there a reason that you are using that API? :slightly_smiling_face: