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Is there a way to add Localisation strings in a React Native project on iOS? I followed this tutorial but it doesn’t work in my React Native project. Texts are still not translated.

Also: is there a way to customize the Save Button background colour when it’s not active (not the tintColor)? In dark mode the button is black and it doesn’t fit my app UI.


Hi @kbarralon welcome to the forums!

I believe once you follow those steps, your phone/device also needs to be set to the corresponding language before it will take affect. Is your phone set to a different language?

I don’t believe there is a way to change the background color at this time unfortunately (at least not when it’s disabled).

Thanks for the answer.

Yes, my phone is in French Canada and I cannot see localized texts in the SDK when I launch Square payment flow while I have my app translated. Here a screenshot of the Xcode config. We can see we have “0 files localized”.

Can you confirm that SquareInAppPaymentsSDK.framework is embedded under “Targets”->“General”->“Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content”? Even without other languages, my “Base” says “1 Files Localized” so that seems weird that it’s not working.

I use Cocoapods . Is there another thing I need to do in addition to the indications in documentation?

No, that should be all. Is the In-App Payments SDK actually working, though? Can you successfully open the payment form etc? I just want to make sure it’s successfully installed before diving deeper into the localization issue.

yep, everything is working fine. On both iOS and Android. On Android, I have translations but not on iOS.

Ah, I think I found the issue. In the quickstart I’m using it has a launch screen resource file, which when adding localizations it makes me choose that. I checked in with some iOS engineers and I believe a launch screen is required to be localized. Can you try creating a launch screen resource file, and then when you add the localization it should ask you to choose a file (and the launch screen should be the only available option)?

Thanks. Yes that was the issue. It works now

Thanks for your help!

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