In-App Payments SDK - Mastercard Certificates update

We have received emails from Square asking us to update In-App Payments SDK version 1.6.3 (iOS) and 1.6.6 (Android) for some changes for Mastercard certificates. We are using React Native and it seems like this module is not ready to update yet? Can you let us know when this will be ready?

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You can update the module to the latest version of the SDK. You’ll just need to configure it to target the latest version of the SDK. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi are there any instructions on how to do that? as our developer wants to be 100% sure it is done correctly.


For React Native, you’ll need to ensure that the underlying native iOS and Android SDKs are updated to the latest versions to accommodate the changes for Mastercard certificates. Here are the steps you can follow to update the SDK for both platforms:

For iOS:

  1. Update the SquareInAppPaymentsSDK in your Podfile to the latest version (1.6.3).
  2. Run pod install to install the updated SDK.

For Android:

  1. Update the dependency in your build.gradle file to the latest version (1.6.6).
  2. Sync your project with the updated build.gradle file.

Hi Bryan,

Could you please give a bit more detail about how to achieve this please?


In my IOS podfile, the only line referencing Square is:

pod ‘RNSquareInAppPayments’, :path => ‘…/node_modules/react-native-square-in-app-payments’

How do I update this to the latest version? (1.6.3)


I looked in the build.gradle file and there is no ‘’ at all. How do I update the dependency?

To be honest, I’m a bit nervous hacking into the code like this. Is there not going to be an update to the React Native module to reference the correct SDK’s?



Hi Bryan,

Can I have an answer to my query please? The instructions you provided do not work.