Production and Sanbox Environment Data Conflicts

Hello - quick question about the Team API. I am currently using sandbox environment for api testing but it seems sandbox environment is giving only selected data not gettting the same catalog data as in production environment? I’ve looked through the API and I don’t see anything relevant to this - maybe I’m missing something?

What are you seeing that’s missing? :slightly_smiling_face:

In production environment, I got almost 10 customer in list customer api but in sandbox environment I got only 2 customers, similarly in catalog list catalog I got 30 items in production but in sandbox environment I got only 3 items

The two environments are separate and don’t share the same information unless you explicitly keep them in sync. :slightly_smiling_face:

Will you please let me know how to sync both environments?

At this time the two environments won’t say in sync automatically. If you want to keep the catalog and customers in sync you’ll need to export them from one environment and import the in the other via the .csv exports. :slightly_smiling_face: