Pre-filling in phone number for payment link. which number?

I as many others found out that when creating payment links through the api, that the customer must enter a valid phone number to make a payment. I don’t need my customer’s phone numbers.

So I initially thought using the government’s public fax number which seems to work but when I asked someone if that’s a good number to use, they said no.

So until the phone number field can be optional, what phone number can I show on all orders that the form (via the payment link) will accept? All potential customers will see the number, so it has to be some sort of public number.

And I don’t think square would use the number in any way (other than to appear in my merchant account when the order is completed and paid) would it?

For the pre-fill you can use any number you feel comfortable setting as the pre-fill. :slightly_smiling_face: