Payment Links - Feature Requests

I have made a first pass of integrating Payment Links into our internal application so our sales people have the option of sending a payment link to a customer. Here are a couple things I could not figure out, so I either missed it, or it will be a feature request:

  • I could not find a way to set an “autocomplete” flag to false. To keep daily accounting in sync between our books, our bank and Square, we prefer to have control over when a payment is captured. But Payment Links don’t seem to have that option. Am I missing something? Or is this officially a feature request?

  • The postal code did not default in the checkout form presented to the customer, even though I provided the “pre-populated-data” when creating the Payment Link.

  • I could not pre-populate the buyers first and last name. I suppose this is more a security feature than anything else…

Anyway, thanks for any feedback you can give me on these!

:wave: At this time autocomplete: false and pre-populating the buyers name isn’t currently available with payment links. Although populating the postal code should work. Would you mind sharing the payment link and application ID? :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried it again to make sure I was not imagining things! :slight_smile:

I can see in the payment link response that the pre-populated data is there, including the postal-code (I did not set the phone number, yet). The zip field does not appear in the payment form initially, but does after I edit my CC info. But it is not populated with the postal-code.

Application ID: sq0idp-npnuJDxSxOQqxMY9jlgTiQ
Payment Link: Midwest Volleyball Warehouse