POS Peripheral Integration Help

Thanks for any help you can give! I really don’t know where to begin.
I have a device that acts as a peripheral to POS systems in the Restaurant industry. It operates from a serial port. Many POS terminals have built in capability to accept requests from the device. The pos grabs a PLU from the request sends and an acknowledgment to the device so it knows the request got through. The POS then adds the item to an open customer tab.

I assume working with serial devices is an issue, but maybe I am wrong. If not possible, I could use an intermediary like a single board computer to bridge with Square.

Question1: Is there any way to get similar functionality to square terminals? For example, write a plugin that would accept serial data from the device via usb or bluetooth.

Question2: If there is not a way to write a plugin, is there a way to add items to a customer tab on a terminal from an external device via a shared local network?

Question3: If there is no way to do this on the local network, is there a way to add items to a customer tab via the cloud api?

Any other suggestion as to how this may be accomplished? I looked at the API, and it seemed like the only thing that came close was fulfillment. But in this case, I am not looking to actually place and pay for the order, just add it to a tab/check of customer that will be paid later.

Unfortunately, connecting to a Square device via a wired connection isn’t currently possible. Also open tickets aren’t currently available. You can create an order with our API and incrementally add to the order however it won’t show in the POS till the order has been paid for and has a fulfillment. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, yeah, that’s what I thought. Let me ask about another possibility.

I assume square accepts bar code scanners? Unfortunately I think bar code scanners are one way communication only.

Imagine the device were to essentially be a barcode scanner. Would scanning be able to add to a tab? And can you think of any way to get confirmation that the item was added to the tab before payment?

Unfortunately, a two way connection with a scanner also isn’t available. :slightly_smiling_face: