Payments through stored card information on database

I had integrated square payment gateway to my website but my requirement is like amazon or any other ecommerce fleet i need to store the credit card information in database and pass that info through api to accept payments via square. But, I can’t find anything about that in the square documentation and how to do it. Does square allows us to send credit card info in the form on API to accept transactions. Currently i can see only two options checkout where the transaction occurs by redirecting to square payment gateway and the other one is accepting payments through payment form within the website which is embedded from square payment gateway but i don’t have control in that form to pass the card information or prefill the card information.

Hey @saiorkrish, welcome to the forums!

There is no way to pass raw credit card data to us, without manually typing it into the payment form. However, you can save the card on file to be able to use in the future (it would save to a customer’s profile as a customer_card_id). Please take a look here and let me know if this answers your question: