Payment iframes not loading for one page

Hello. I am using the React Payment Form on a site I’m working on. We have 3 different donation pages and they all use the same components in the checkout flow. Those 3 donation pages work fine and the payment fields for credit card etc. show up fine.

I’m adding a 4th donation page, but the iframes for credit card, zip code, expiration date and verification code do not display.

This is how the network tab looks like when the iframes didn’t load.

Any idea what the root cause might be?

Hi @billy.yuan, welcome to the forums!

That does sound strange and doesn’t make much sense. Are there any errors showing up in the “Console” tab of your browser? If not, do you have a public webpage that you could share that I could test with? If yes, feel free to share it privately by clicking on my name and then clicking “Message”.