Payment Error: Authorization error: 'GENERIC_DECLINE'


I am getting an error in my woocommerce site.

Payment Error:

  • Authorization error: ‘GENERIC_DECLINE’

I have tried different cards but same issue, this seems an issue from Square as I read in forums.


Hi @alfonsmala welcome to the forums!

GENERIC_DECLINE is what we receive from the card’s issuing bank, so we typically recommend that the customer reach out to their bank for assistance. If it’s happening for all of your payments, then feel free to share some payment_ids here and I can take a closer look, but typically we do not have more information on these declines.


Thank you so much for your response.

I don’t think it is an issue from the bank because we have tried with different cards. Where can I find the payment id?


The payment_id should be in the response after you call CreatePayment, or if you call ListPayments in the API you should see them as well. Otherwise, feel free to share your location/merchant id and I can try to look it up.

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@sjosey I have a similar problem as I move from dev to production. Is it ok to post locationID or payment_id here?

:wave: Yeah, feel free to post the locationID and payment_id so we can look into the issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

locationID: L7KNJ9GF3KXQ5
payment_id: ```

Here is one from a different card as well:
locationID: L7KNJ9GF3KXQ5
payment_id: PbKEiU7cneLLES7Dfk7E3RjDO6YZY

These are actually two different cards that I am using to test my first payments in production. I typically receive a notice if my bank declines a card for any reason.

Is there something I have to do in order to allow production processing?

Looking at the declines there isn’t anything out of the ordinary. Have you had your customer contact the bank to see why they blocked the payment? Banks don’t always share the exact reason as to why a card is declined, so you may want to have your customer contact their bank directly for more information. :slightly_smiling_face:

We have the same error and not sure whats the issue. My bank is charging the card but square says its an error.
here is location id L9DTV3KWY3GX2
payment id: jpUixr6JbZ41RbgeZ6SFH3RoQNPZY

I took a look at the payment you provided and it’s a declined payment. What do you mean when you say the bank charged the card? Are the funds pending? :slightly_smiling_face:

Initially when i got the error, i read that his may be due to bank permissions, I initial payment was blocked by bank. Then I call my bank and asked to go through payments for this website. Now bank is deducting my amount but I am still getting the error. Logical we can’t confirm if customer has paid or not. Logs says transaction was declined. Total nightmare.

After you contacted the bank did you try the payment again with the card? I see that this payment HBZxErkMp6gabffBBmFa7CHro7BZY went through successfully. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Bryan-Square I have the same issue “{
“detail”: “Authorization error: ‘GENERIC_DECLINE’”,
My bank says that on their side everything went just fine, and there is no authorization or other issue on their side. Can you check please. my payment_id is “XLSlucTAzBz9NjjWl5KOW8WymwXZY”

If you enable Risk Manager and add the card to the allow list are you able to charge the card? :slightly_smiling_face:

This problem has been bothering me for a long time. Can you help me take a look?

  1. id: “BmbE6jNm2mERBRrTn6k2OAzbraYZY”
  2. location_id: “L9X1MG8GN3QD5”
  3. order_id: “iQeWq9l29brBsOPzCCuecN3CujFZY”

That’s a very old payment and I see quite a few successful payments after. Do you have a recent example? Also what did the bank say when the customer reached out to them? :slight_smile:

facing this issues when charge a card

“errors”: [
“detail”: “Authorization error: ‘GENERIC_DECLINE’”,

With any GENERIC_DECLINE declines you’ll want to instruct the customer to contact their bank for more information. :slightly_smiling_face: