Partial Pickup for Pickup orders

When fulfilling an order to ship we can select the orders shipped and attach the tracking information.

When fulfilling an order picked up- it’s all or nothing. Can a feature be added to say what items are picked up, with notes, like with the shipping orders? It’d be AWESOME. (Sometimes we have orders partially picked up/filled- and right now we rely on notes on printed out sheets, etc) hopeful!

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Thanks for your request. I work with the Orders API team. It sounds like you’re requesting split fulfillments on orders, e.g. Split an order for item A and B into separate fulfillments for item A and item B so they can be picked up separately. Is that correct? Can you tell me more about your specific business and use case? How would you expect to track and manage these split fulfillments in Square?

I want to be able to split an order so that if something is picked up we can mark one item picked up, the rest pending. We sell hobby goods and (as an example) Magic waves their products. So if someone pre-orders a booster box, a commander deck, and a bundle- they may pick up their booster box but their deck and bundle come later. So it’d be AWESOME if we could mark picked up on the box, but let the other two be pending.

We can do it super easily when shipping- right now we can click specific items that ship, and mark as shipped, then come back and ship the rest with a different tracking number. It leaves the item ‘processing’ till all items are shipped.

We’re super hopeful to have the same thing for picked up items. So we can say “oh, this customer picked this up, but not these yet.” Etc. Right now, as mentioned, we print out the sheet and have like doodled notes everywhere. It’s a nightmare if said sheet is misplaced. :wink:

So excited you responded by the way. My employees will be stoked to know there’s a chance of less paper shenanigans. :rofl:

Thanks for providing additional context around your specific use case. Which square products are you using? Is the shipping scenario you described for order placed through your Square online store? Are the pickup items also ordered through your online store or are those ordered in person at a physical location? Thanks in advance for this helpful info to understand where in your workflow these improvements can be made.

We use Square online and Square POS. So when a customer orders something (through the online order in particular) when we go to fill it we have to mark as shipped or mark picked up. When we mark as shipped, it’s easy enough to pick specific items and say they shipped with a specific tracking number. When we mark something picked up- it’s all or nothing.

So this week we had a magic release. I have a customer who has ordered 2 boxes online: one of this set, and one of the NEXT set. And they’re picking it up in person. When they pick it up- there’s no way right now to mark one item picked up, and the other item waiting. We have to use paperwork to keep track.

Does that make sense?

They order online. We fufill it using the square POS. Under orders, we go to click “picked up” and can only say EVERYTHING has been picked up.

It seems like this feature has been added to the squareup website but not the API. You can “Mark item as…” and " Select items to fulfill", and these fulfilments are shown at the bottom of the page.
I’m trying to generate a list of outstanding items and am having this issue with the API, we have been marking line items as fulfilled using the website and are only able to access this data manually right now. It would be nice if this data can be pulled using the API. Fulfillment objects have some beta attributes called “line_item_application” and “entries” but they are empty for all orders (even the ones i know for a fact have partial fulfilments)

Do you have an example order_id that we can look into? :slightly_smiling_face: