Orders with line_items[].catalog_object_id that's NOT in our Catalog (POS)

We are having an issue where we keep getting orders (from POS terminal) that have line_items that contain an catalog_object_id that doesn’t exist in our catalog.

The line_item name property matches, but not the catalog_object_id.

Example order id is j3wCopyIKBp08qUzdGxVORfeV and catalog_object_id is: 3WOZFYVGYSAK3P2KOMNFLYBY

Apologies for the delay, I forgot to respond here; I had escalated this to our Catalog team. It looks like the item (3WOZFYVGYSAK3P2KOMNFLYBY) was deleted before it was added to the order, which implies the POS application had cached the item but didn’t see it get “deleted”. So it was allowed to be added to an order even though it was deleted, which should be a very rare edge case. With that said, the tl;dr is the item did exist, but was deleted and added to an order.

Ok, this seems to be happening to 5 to 10% of our orders. Is there something we can do on the POS terminal to flush the cache?

Hey there - you should be able to log out and log back in to refresh your POS cache/library.

Likewise, accessing the items applet from within the POS client should do a background refresh. This is usually less disruptive than a credential refresh.