Orders created by createCheckout do not appear in POS system

On my website I’m creating a customer and using the create checkout API, then in the URL redirect I’m inserting a booking. Everything works fine, except for some strange observations in the hardware POS system.

I can see it made the booking since it shows up in the calendar and is marked accepted. I can also see the customer I created in the list of customers. I can also see the payment I made and that it is approved. So far so good. But…

The mystery is that there is NOTHING under orders in the POS system. But that is wrong, because if I use the List Payments API it shows my succesfull payments including the corresponding order_id’s.

Also, if I click on the booking it says payment is due… but obviously I paid for it already because the payment is in the system and came off my card.

I usually don’t post to forums or contact support unless I’m really stuck, but I’m stuck. Thanks!

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:wave: What’s the order_id that’s not correctly showing? :slightly_smiling_face:

Listing payments with the API, VEbLGAeKEjCVBCmALT28VLgzvaB was a succesful charge with order_id qiHTcrdFEXvQxg3L8GRcSMR3J06YY

If I list orders with the API, I see that order too.

But if I go to my POS terminal or dashboard, there are no orders showing at all. It says they “will show up here”. I know its using the same account because I see all my products etc listed, and the booking my website made after the payment confirmation. But no orders anywhere… And the booking itself (I use the appointments system) is showing in the system but at the top its asking me to take payment for it.

Just found another thread where someone asked why created orders weren’t showing up in the dashboard, the reply was: Orders will only show up in the Dashboard if they have fulfillments and have been paid for. Etcetc.

So from this I guess I will try to add a fulfillment and mark it as completed when creating the checkout request, and see if my next test order then shows up…

Okay I added the fulfillment info (PICKUP) to my create order API request, and now the order appears in the system associated with the payment. So I’m pleased. However a little issue popped up. On the Square dashboard orders screen when i change the status to ‘picked up’ I get the following vague error in a red bar at the top of the screen: Something went wrong. Please try again or contact support if the issue persists.

What’s the order_id that you experienced this with and what are the steps to reproduce the error? :slightly_smiling_face:

I was going through the steps and taking screen captures, but this time there was no error. So it wasn’t serious I guess. I’m all sorted now. Thanks for the replies!